Nestled a block south of 160th and Fraser Highway next to the Fleetwood Liquor Barn, the Fleetwood Arms Pub has a comfortable lounge setting with a variety of seating types, perfect for the indecisive sitter. They’re also happy to have people hang around nursing drinks well after the pub is closed. It also has a heated enclosed patio: worthwhile year around.

Pitcher of Fleetwood Lager: $11.50



Hidden away in Port Coquitlam, the Cat & Fiddle Pub is surprisingly large. It has a lot of TVs, pool, and a liquor store inside. What separates it from others are the wings. A good variety of flavours, they’re hot to order and up quick, and at a price to draw people. Hipsters and ethnic people are few and far between but the atmosphere is welcoming.

Pitcher of Canadian: $13.50

Wings: $0.25 each


Adjacent to Waterfront Skytrain station, this pub has quite a bit of variety: restaurant and patio upstairs (extended and uncovered during the summer) and pub with billiards downstairs. There’s still food downstairs but there are TVs too (more of a pub atmosphere). It has an unencumbered view of the North Shore and the Burrard Inlet. They brew their own beer (with season-specific offerings), and best of all they offer 3L “towers” of beer (graduated cylinders with a spout at the bottom).

Wed – jug of anything: $14


In the heart of the Drive, this bar has a very practical layout. It has two levels: the top has the bar surrounded by stools, televisions, and tables while down the stairs there is an elevated portion with a big screen tv. The lowest section is secluded enough that you can have a comfortable conversation even when it’s packed full. When it’s nice enough, they open the patio which is long and narrow against the outer brick wall facing the side street. The side street the patio is facing is lines with willow trees creating a more intimate atmosphere and blocking what little sound reaches around the corner while maintaining a view of one of the Drive’s busiest areas. The selection of beer is also venerable.

Pint of Kilkenny: $5.75
Pint of Snake Bite: $5.75

Poutine: $8


The King’s Head Pub attracts a wide variety of patrons: students after cheap beer, sunbathers coming from Kits Beach across the street, and all sorts who just appreciate the decent food and atmosphere. It’s a well-weathered pub, large and convoluted enough to get privacy no matter how large or small of a group. There’s also live music on occasion.

Pitcher of Sleeman’s Honey Brown: $14


Suprising large: another cafe/bar on The Drive.  It’s gone under new management and renovated since the summer. It looks like the capacity has increased a bit while moving all the food into the kitchen instead of having a sandwhich display.

Pitcher of Granville Island Winter Ale: $13


Another mid-class food chain where one can drink. The food portions and quality are decent, and the atmosphere is appropriate with almost anyone so it’s a reliable back-up.

Pitcher of any Albino Rhino (house): $14.50
Pitcher of Kokanee: $14